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The Bloom and Glow Method

Realign - Restrengthen - Rebalance


Do people keep telling you you should try Pilates?

Want to know what all the fuss is about?

LG Pilates offers a range of classes from beginner groups that focus on building functional strength and mobility to specialist classes for pregnancy and postnatal clients.

Classes are kept to small groups or 1:1 / 1:2 to allow you to benefit from individual attention and tailored classes that will help to improve your posture, core stability and muscle tone.

Programmes are based on LG Pilates's Bloom and Glow Method that combines Pilates, functional strength and breathwork to help you realign, restrengthen and rebalance your body and mind.


Come and join us!

Pilates Practice at the Studio


I am pleased to announce that I have recently partnered with Detox Kitchen, to help you achieve the results you want through the correct nutrition, in support of the training you receive from me!

Detox Kitchen is a food delivery service that prepares high-quality, delicious, healthy meals! All their meals are free from wheat, dairy, and refined sugar, and delivered right to your doorstep.


They avoid inflammatory foods that make you feel tired and bloated by replacing them with fresh, whole ingredients, plant-based foods, and lean protein – helping you feel more energised, lighter, and brighter.

All my clients get 20% off their first order. DK will save you hours of cooking and meal prepping, whilst providing your body with the correct nutrients you need to fuel daily.

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"Lauren's class is truly wonderful, tailor made to your body's needs. She is empathetic, professional and each class is engaging and challenging enough to have you come back each time for more. Highly recommend.

Christina - Postnatal Group Class

"Lauren is the best! She's helped me recover from the birth of my third child starting from 6 weeks postpartum with weekly 1:1 classes. Under her instruction, I've regained so much core strength and the mind/body connection to really get the most out of each session. After having 3 babies in less than 5 years, this was no easy task! She really knows her stuff, but is fun and relatable and totally happy for my little one to join in if needs be. 10/10 recommend checking out her classes!

Megan - Postnatal Private Client

"I love my private classes with Lauren. She's very attentive to the needs of my body and designates the right exercises that fit the need and the potential of my body. I can feel the growth of my strength and flexibility. I always look forward to having class with her. She is amazing and much fun to work with too!"

Kiki - Private Client

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